Experience the protection of Tarion

Tarion is an independent non-profit organization and not a government organization that watches over the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan, which every new home in Ontario is covered by. They help new homebuyers and builders enroll for warranty coverage. They’re also responsible for looking into warranty concerns, as well as building practices. Tarion is in place to ensure and promote the highest standards of construction and development amongst Ontario’s developers. The Ontario government, through the Ministry of Consumer Services, has empowered Tarion to regulate Ontario’s residential building industry by administering and enforcing the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

Below are different ways in which Tarion works for the homebuyers:

  • First and foremost, protect consumers when builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations.
  • Tarion educates new home buyers and new home owners about their warranty rights and responsibilities, provides new homeowner information package through the builder,
  • Set standards and raise accountability in education, construction performance and customer service.
  • Fairly and impartially resolve disputes between homeowners and builders over warranty coverage.
  • Ensure new Home Builders and Vendors abide by the ONHWP Act. Promotes and makes sure this standard is met and Builders must demonstrate technical experience, customer service and financial strength in order to receive a license
  • Tarion also manage a guarantee that can be provided to new owners in the event of a bankruptcy, or builder refusal.
  • It is illegal for a builder to enter into an Agreement of Purchase and Sale or construction contract with a purchaser if the builder is not registered with Tarion.
  • It is also illegal to begin construction of a home or condominium without first enrolling it with Tarion. Offenders will be charged by Tarion under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.
  • Investigate and prosecute illegal building and practices, and Tarion mandate is to serve the public interest.

Tarion has a team of highly qualified investigators who regularly look into vendors and builders who fails to register with them and/or fail to enroll new homes. Baycrest Homes is a member of Tarion in good standing. We embrace their standards, and support all of our homebuyers in accordance with them. For more information on Tarion, your warranty, or your rights as a new homeowner visit www.Tarion.com

Baycrest Homes is in a good standing with Tarion. Our success is earned by keeping the promise of building a superior product followed up by prompt customer service.

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