Building a green future

Baycrest is committed to a brighter future by building green. This means our communities will be constructed to the highest environmental standards. All in an effort to reduce energy consumption and emit less pollution, such as minimizing waste, reducing our emissions and becoming more energy efficient. Green design thinking means significant savings and greater resale value for those who Purchase a Baycrest home.

Baycrest is continually striving to meet or exceed LEED certificate standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) in all our communities and projects. LEED is an international mark of excellence for green building that is recognized all over the world.

Here are some of the things we’re doing:

  • Energy-efficient low E argon-filled windows
  • Recycled water for flushing toilets, to save both water and energy
  • Low flow fixtures and low emission products and finishes for better indoor air quality
  • Environmentally friendly landscaping
  • Reduce water use by saving and reusing water inside and outside
  • On site energy generation and renewable energy
  • Selecting environmentally preferable materials and reducing construction waste
  • Installing adequate balanced ventilation with filters
  • Ensuring proper supply of fresh air and exhaust of stale air
  • Energy efficient State-of-the-art Green Energy systems including geothermal cooling in our high-rise condos and Energy Star rated products in all our homes.